Indecent Proposal

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Indecent Proposal

This happened some years back when I was working for a MNC IT firm. My company annual dinner and dance was coming up and everyone in the office was abuzz with expectations and anticipation about what to wear, who to bring, which colleague to make the move on etc. Me? I was senior management and therefore was always busy with my work running around in meetings and conferences. I wasn’t really getting very much woman action outside of the office and thus, I was prepared to go for the Dinner and Dance on my own, like most unmarried department heads.

Three days before the function, a colleague of mine, Derek, approached me with a proposal. He had the hots for this colleague, Grace, and wanted to ask her for the Dinner and Dance. But she would not go with him as she had already made a ‘pact’ to go with her girlfriend, Cheryl, a girl working in another department. Grace did counter-propose to Derek that if he could find another date for Cheryl, then they could all go as two couples. That was why Derek approached me. He was my smoking buddy and we got along quite well, him telling me about all his escapades while I told him all my nights at home watching cable. He told me that it was going to be fun and if I did him this favor, he would return one in kind the next time. Now, getting favors from Derek was a good thing, because he was truly a woman’s man and was very resourceful for everything that you needed. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I agreed.

And this was the beginning of a very intense, exciting change to my life…

Now, a little introduction about the two ladies. Grace, the one that Derek wanted to get his dick in, was in her early 20s. Soft-spoken, sweet, a little ‘blur’. She had shoulder length hair, nice big brown eyes, and a smile to die for. Her body was curvy, but not voluptuous, more like a runway model, pleasing to the eye, but no Pamela Anderson.

Cheryl, on the other hand, was the department’s ‘Big Sister’. She was in her mid 20s……

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