The Swimming Coach

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The Swimming Coach

Story submitted by: Daniel

Cheryl was a normal fifteen year old girl who took regular swimming classes with her coach, Tan. She started classes when she was eleven with a previous coach, but had to change due to the previous coach’s retirement. Tuesday afternoon was the normal schedule for Cheryl so coach Tan stuck with that schedule. The swimming pool was public and it was quiet as it was a working day, only a couple of families and kids wading around and Tan’s three students, one of which was a male. Cheryl was the main student as the rest were not of much use.

Cheryl then began to warm up in the pool with her usual routines with coach Tan supervising her. She was wearing an Arena one piece swimsuit which complimented her firm assets. She did not have a killer body, but it was just right for any guy to simply fall in love. Coach Tan was looking or rather ogling her from a distance, watching her swim was as if it was the first time, literally.

An hour later, coach Tan dismissed the group and he went to settle administrative matters with his other students.

“Finally finished already, I really need to pee.” She whispered to herself.

However, she was too urgent as she held her bladder for the longest of times. She could not even get out of the swimming pool.

“Shit, need to do in the pool.” She said while cupping her crotch.

She then let go of her hands, pulled aside the suit and started to pee. As there was not much activity in the pool, it was quite still and there was a visible yellow hue to the waters around her. Not aware of her surroundings, coach Tan was on the ledge where she was doing her business.

“Ahem, miss, I believe what you have been doing is a bit inappropriate.” Coach Tan said to her. She jumped from her spot and quickly waved away the contaminated water, which in turn, she released more due to the shock. She was sobbing uncontrollably and kept apologizing to coach for the thing she did. Her face was red from embarrassment……

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