Accident Does Happen!

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Accident Does Happen!

I am tempted to share my experience with fellow bros here on my sister in law. Cindy, 29 years old is the wife of my wife’s older brother. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. Cindy came from a wealthy family and was sheltered and extremely pampered for all her life. The only job that this girl ever had was being a flight stewardess for six months when she was 22. Anyway, this girl was not the typical dumb kind, she was just ignorant. In my opinion, she had a black belt in shopping, fine dining and the luxuries in life. She just lacked proper knowledge. Her world revolved around luxury and luxury only.

Anyway, Cindy and her husband were back for the Chinese New Year last year. They had just had a Christmas baby boy. The in laws were very eager and excited to see their newly minted grandson. They had a nice big condo of their own, but they ended up staying at my place because theirs was rented out to some expat family due to their long absence. My brother in law was a banker based in Hong Kong. We only got to see them during this period of time unless we made a trip down to Hong Kong. My brother in law returned to his job on the third day of Chinese New Year. Naturally, my in laws demanded that Cindy and the baby stayed longer so they can spend more time with the baby.

Things were back to normal after the initial Chinese New Year rituals, dinners, ang baos, visiting and all that. My wife made a trip to France for nine days, it was usual for her to travel once or twice a month for her work. The only difference this time was that I ended being home with Cindy and the baby most of the time. My company did not allow employees to carry forward their leave. Anything from the previous year had to be cleared by the end of the following March or it will be forfeited. I had been with my company for fifteen years and had about thirty days to clear. I will be home from Chinese New Year till the middle of March.

It was quite bad in the beginning, we had no maid in……

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