Our Ten Most Read Steamy Tales of 2016

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Our Ten Most Read Steamy Tales of 2016

There are a total of 217 Singapore or Malaysia steamy stories published up to the last day of 2016. Of these stories, the following ten wonders are the most read so far since day one. We have included a small paragraph from each of these best stories.

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Number 1: Just Now My Aunt Sat on My Lap

(This story was Number 4 in 2015.)

As soon as my dad made a detour, my Aunt removed her right hand from the front seat and dipped it down between her thighs. I could feel her fingertips at the base of my KKJ as she frantically rubbed her sensitive love button. She was trying to speed up her climax.

Number 2: Fifteen

(This story was Number 1 in 2015.)

Within seconds, I was smacking my pelvis against Cidney’s behind, filling the room with the sound of our bodies slapping against each other. I lifted Cidney’s right leg slightly off the ground and she struggled to balance with her left heel as I ploughed my dick into her love hole.

Number 3: My Pretty Tuition Teacher

(This story was Number 2 in 2015.)

Slowly, more and more of my bro disappeared into her mouth and I could now feel her tongue flicking the pee hole. Really very shiok and erotic. My first time. Then she stopped stroking the shaft, left the hands massaging the balls and her head bobbed up and down.

Number 4: My Affair with My Hot Young Maid

(This story was Number 8 in 2015.)

I wasted no time, noisily slurping and licking at the juices that were dripping out of her pussy. When da gets excited, she got really wet and I always took great pleasure in drinking every last drop of her yummy juices.

Number 5: My Poly Classmate

(This story was Number 3 in……

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