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Fucking the Bride Weeks Before Her Wedding

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Fucking the Bride Weeks Before Her Wedding

I had another colleague called Audrey Lim a decade ago. We worked together for two and a half years before she quitted to follow her husband and moved to England for work after their wedding. Three weeks prior to her wedding, she tendered her resignation, so our colleague clique organized a farewell dinner plus ‘Hen’s night’ for her. Had dinner, then went for KTV. We ordered beers, she sat beside me, sat quite close. A lot of shoulder rubs and all. At 9.30 pm, people all said they had to go back… Was just left with me, her and two more colleagues. I suggested to come to my place and drink and celebrate further. Cabbed to my condo, drank and chat until 11 pm. They wanted to leave, so went out to get cabs. The first cab came, Audrey let the other two colleagues had it first as they lived near to each other. Once they were gone, I chatted with her.

Me: “Sorry Dree…” (That’s my nickname for her.) “Lame hen’s night for you…”

Audrey: “It was ok la. Thanks for it anyway!”

Me: “No la. It is lame. Not a true hen’s night at all… Schedule too tight to plan… No stripper for you…”

Audrey: “Stripper??? Singapore have meh??”

Me: “Haha, yes. Not easy to find, but yes… Actually wanted to ask but was afraid you might get angry.”

Audrey: “Why angry??”

Me: “Cos it is a male stripper…”

Audrey: “Oh… I am not really sure how that works…”

Me: “Haha, you are too vanilla la. But it would have been a fun experience with us all colleagues group, a nice and wild memory to have before you get hitched forever… Do you even have a single wild memory??”

Audrey: “Haha. No la. Boring girl la.”

Me: “How can??? Don’t tell me, he’s your first boyfriend??”

Audrey: “Yup. Met in church quite long ago…”

Me: “How can?? You not curious meh. To have at least one wild night…”

Audrey giggled… Obviously tipsy from the alcohol as she wasn’t like that usually…

Audrey: “You organize another hen’s night for me lo.”

Me: “I wish I could,……

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stupid-slut-girl: 走在乡间的小路上




One Night Between the Sheets

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One Night Between the Sheets

I’ve been on a three to four year hiatus from clubbing and it was only recently I got back into the scene. I was afraid and thought I would be burned out like real quick because I wasn’t used to the late nights but apparently that wasn’t the case at all. It was like the nightlife never left me. About a month in, I actually had some of the most fun and crazy nights ever. Reliving the moments like it was back to 2011 – 2012 was awesome. My first comeback night wasn’t actually all great, but the feelings I had while partying reminded me why I loved it so much in the first place.

Outfits weren’t much of an issue, luckily. I wasn’t the sexiest or the best dressed girl, but I sure did attract attention. (Maybe that’s also because I really can dance. LOL.)

Never would I have thought that it’ll happen again, but last Thursday night proved me wrong. And so, that was the one night between the sheets.

Now playing: Kissing Strangers – DNCE ft. Nicki Minaj.

Last Thursday night.

My friend had invited me to join a Kinect dance session with her plus dinner and like damnnnn, I had a good time working out that evening. That got me pumped up and I really want to get that streak going on through the night! I was sporting a purple crop top and white cropped jeggings. Since Thursday nights at Zouk = free entry, I made my plans and went alone. (My friend already had plans after this so yeah.)

It’s not like I had never gone on my own before. I loved going to clubs on my own, mind you. It was quite an empowering feeling and hell yeah it took a lot of courage. It was also that freedom to move around quickly and freely without having to look out for somebody other than yourself, and yes, the freedom to make ‘friends’ easily. But of course, it also made me an easy target and sometimes I spent half the night avoiding people like a snake. (Like damn it was tiring yo. I just want to let loose on my own man. LOL.)

Anyway, moving on… I arrived at Zouk at about 12……

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fantaxyclub: Theme: Deep In Me Cast: Mr Fant…


Theme: Deep In Me

Cast: Mr FantaXy, Ms A

Venue: Buddy’s Place


Ms A wanted to be fucked deep. I obliged and called my bud who was an 8 incher.

Thanks Sam for making Ms A FULL filled for the afternoon.

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42 MILF housewife hotel fuck!
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42 Married Housewife.

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healtech: Blindfolded the best 👍🏼


Blindfolded the best 👍🏼


healtech: SG 🇸🇬 Nurse, busy tending to my i…


SG 🇸🇬 Nurse, busy tending to my injury. Original post


fsgcouple: Original Content Pt 1. Im getting …


Original Content Pt 1.
Im getting ready and GF enjoying the recording