My First Time Piap Piap

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My First Time Piap Piap

Back in my university days, I met this petite CKT, she had that kawaii student look especially when she had her specs on with her hair tied in a ponytail. (Let’s call her Kit.)

Not sure if considered as FUBU, since we dated and fucked now and then, even after we sort of ‘broke up’ we would still meet for fuck sessions behind her boyfriend’s back.

I won’t go into detail on our dates, will jump into how we lost our virginity to each other. =)

It was a hot evening, we had just finished our last lecture of the day – so we went over to her room (Got air-con.), to get some rest.

We would cuddle on the bed and me being the naughty boy, hands started roaming around her body to forbidden places. We were watching some TVB drama on laptop whilst this was going on.

I slowly moved and caressed her body and started teasing her tits beneath her black bra (Yes, of course I remember – first time unbuckling one too.).

That’s the first time I heard her moan so very slightly as I pinched and circled her now hard tits. Her boobs were so firm and warm and it was driving me so horny.

I asked her if I could remove her tee, she obliged by removing it for me and that was my first time seeing a pair of boobies with pointy titties asking to be sucked and grabbed…

Before I could do anything, she grabbed my shirt and whispered these words into my ears: “I’ve never felt so turned on before, you’re a really naughty naughty boy… It’s my turn to tease you.”

As she finished, she started to slowly lick my ear lobes accompanied by gentle bites. She guided my hands to continue teasing her titties as she licked and moaned gently into my ears.

[Just recalling this turned me on so bad, so damn erotic.]

I was rock hard by now and she slowly unbuttoned my jeans to reach for my manhood whilst keeping her mouth and tongue occupied with my ears.

As she reached for my cock, I pulled her head away and we kissed like mad. Tongues fighting, saliva swapping and all. &lt……

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