Avril’s Le-V

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Avril’s Le-V

Story submitted by: Eden

It was the first day of school and somehow it felt different. It felt like we all took a promotion. The days of short pants seemed like a distant past. The only thing that seemed the same was the loathsome drag to school. With heavy eyelids, and being unaccustomed to being awake at this unearthly hour, the muscle memory in my legs brought me to school as I was half asleep.

As I was making a turn into a block, someone smacked me from behind. I was rudely awakened. I was about to turn around and let loose a chain of vulgarities when my brain registered this individual as someone familiar. I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision and before me, stood my bros.

“Bro, slept at 3 am again is it?” Ryan asked.

“Yup, stupid school! Now I have to wake up at 6 am. Holidays, everyday wake up at 2 pm. Urghh, hate school!” I replied.

“Eden! Bro, tell you good news. I heard there’s a new transfer into the school. Heard she’s quite chio leh!” Tim said with a glint in his eyes, almost licking his lips.

“Ya bro, I heard she’s half Japanese. Can’t wait to bang her. I mean meet her!” Chuckled Neil.

I was suddenly motivated to go to school. We hurried our footsteps so as to get to school and establish the best position to sit and to observe our new ‘Target’. Soon, the minutes passed and the familiar ‘School stand’ rang through the sound system.

The national anthem played and the pledge was taken. After the announcement, we filed back to class. My group of bros and I were quite disappointed we didn’t manage to spot this new girl. The thought of going to a new class and having to be seated next to someone who might be a stranger put me off. All of a sudden, I dreaded starting school.

Once we got into class, the group of us headed to the back of the class. Every other seat was filled, except mine. I was seated right at the back of the classroom furthest away from the back door. Suddenly, Mrs. Goh, the discipline mistress stepped into the……

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