Avril’s Le-V 2

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Avril’s Le-V 2

Story submitted by: Eden

This is a continuation of ‘Avril’s Le-V’.

Monday came about and we were back to school. My group of bros was so curious if anything transpired during the birthday celebration. As much as I wanted to lay into the juicy details of what happened, I hadn’t actually checked with Avril if she was cool with letting people knew about us. Then it hit me, was there even an ‘us’? Were we official? Was what happened a one-time thing?

These sudden brewing questions caught me in a state of shock and confusion and I just told them the bare minimum like having a swim and having dinner and leaving whilst leaving out the more exciting bits.

These questions got me so confused and I didn’t know what to do with my life suddenly. I had on a sorrowful look the whole day. After school, Avril pulled me to one side and we had a chat. We had a long discussion to the point her helper came into the school to look for her and an announcement was made through the PA system. (Yes, she had to leave promptly after school every day.)

I felt so relieved after she confirmed her interest in me. I went to join my bros for lunch and updated them on the current happenings. ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ were heard as they listened to my story. I even got a ‘You lucky bastard’.

The week went by but I noticed something different. Although we were unofficially together, we hung out with our own cliques in school. The shy girl that couldn’t speak a word loud enough was now a confident and different person.

Sometimes during lessons, she would deliberately put a jacket down on her lap and then sneakily got me to hold her hands under the jacket. Some days when she left for home and there was no one around, she would sneak a peck on my lips before heading home.

Soon Saturday rolled around and we had our swim date. She asked me over to swim in the morning and I headed over at about 10. The sun was exceptionally hot, but I felt she was even hotter. Her hair was a rich shade……

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