Shy Boy

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Shy Boy

The soft hair, the tanned skin, those sparkling brown eyes and those lips that never failed to make his smile more charming than he already was. And what attracted me the most was his shyness whenever he was around with girls. Well, I couldn’t blame him for that since he was previously from all boys’ school before coming to JC.

I noticed him during our JC orientation. Now he was a student councilor holding the secretary appointment. Yes, he may be shy, but he was indeed a firm guy whilst discharging his duties. Brandon (Yeap, that’s his name.), did not only excel and outperform in his duties serving the college and academics, but was also excellent in sports! I had seen him play most kind of sports during our physical education lessons. His forte was basketball, hockey and badminton. The college even offered him to join the basketball team (Which was one of the college’s niche CCA.), but he declined the offer due to his commitment to the council. To further define his physique, he often went to the college gym in the evening and that explained those strong muscular biceps and well-defined abs. I often felt the gush of orgasm whenever he pulled up his shirt to wipe off his sweat on his beautiful face after PE which thus revealed his toned abs. Not forgetting that V-shape that all girls will fantasize about. He was just too perfect. Even most of the Year Two girls admired his hunky image. Brandon stood at 1.8m tall and had a mixture of Japanese and Thai in his bloodline. What other more characteristics to further define this beauty?

Well, I guess that’s enough of my fangirl-ing description of Brandon. Let’s get to the main story. Before that, allow me to introduce myself. I am Victoria. My close friends often called me Vic or babe. I was the captain of the college’s netball team. I was rather tanned due to all those trainings under the sun. I had long slender legs which I would often show off by wearing my tight short school skirt which I altered. This……

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