Just Another Story

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Just Another Story

Before the start of this story, I want to talk a little bit about myself. Hopefully, some of you can relate and have a better insight to the various spectrum of my mind during my adolescent sexual exploits.

In the summer of 1999, my best friend died in a traffic incident and a strange uncle constantly tried to sexually harass me whenever I walked to school. My parents had unreasonable high expectations from me and various incidents happened. It made me emotionally divorced and isolated from people. Anyway, I will go on with the introductions and won’t bore you with many details. I was a shy, introverted guy with really low self-esteem. I grew up autistic and to boot, really short.

Like 156 cm short… Thankfully, God takes some, but he also gives some. I was a pretty boy with cat eyes, soft features and thin lips. By no means that I was handsome, I was just… Well, pretty. Boys reached puberty late, so I was really popular back in school. What I meant was that many guys were short until they hit fifteen or sixteen and had their growth spurs. Since that’s the case, girls picked the one with the pretty face.

So you could imagine… Most people saw me as an isolated, quiet, enigmatic pretty boy (And somewhat arrogant.). I was like the kind of character that you saw in comics and fantasies. Once I entered secondary school, I began to notice that many girls, older or younger were quite interested in me. The more aloof and detached I was, the more they crushed over me. Which was, frankly, still very puzzling to me up till today.

My first girlfriend was Jiayi. We met after I was allocated to top class, she was the class monitor and the teacher was worried about me. Being extremely quiet and apathetic to most things, Madam Sum thought it was best that the outgoing, cheerful and optimistic Jiayi would balance things out a little. Jiayi was everything I was not. She was taller than me, about 172. Tanned, athletic and friendly.

I was smart and she’s dumb…….

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