How I Broke My Best Friend’s Cherry

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How I Broke My Best Friend’s Cherry

Story submitted by: Jon

I am Jonathan and I would like to share with you guys my ‘First time’. It all started when I was sixteen years old, I had a very close friend named Skylar. She may look like an average girl, small and slim, tall about 1.7m, size 24A, but she had a great complexion and looked amazing even without make up.

We were in the same class for four years and when we had reached our final year, we frequently met up to study together, although most of them ended up with us playing.

One day, when we were studying in the school library as usual, we were quite focused on our revision, with our ear pieces plugged in. Both of us did not realize that it was almost 6 pm and the school library was closing. After a while, I had decided to take a five minute break. I looked at my phone and to my shock, it was already 6.30 pm.

As we always sat in the corner seat behind the shelves of books, there was more privacy. It meant that it was hard for the librarian to spot us before locking the library doors.

I quickly shook Skylar to tell her that we were locked inside the library. At first, she seemed annoyed that I had disrupted her from her revision, but after she realized the situation we were in, she started to panic. I slowly stroked her back, trying to reassure her while frantically trying to think of an idea to get us out of here.

I checked my phone and realized my phone was about to be dead and Skylar had forgotten to bring her phone as she rushed out of her house today. I started to think our parents will definitely look for us.

I asked her, “Your parents! If they realized that you’re not home, they would definitely call the teachers, and they might find us trapped here… How are we going to explain to them?!”

She replied in an anxious yet calm tone, “It won’t work, Jon. They are overseas, my older sis is staying in a hostel, no one will know if I am home or not.”

My parents were overseas too. As we looked through our options,……

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