Deflowering a Virgin (Lesbian.) During My OCIP Trip

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Deflowering a Virgin (Lesbian.) During My OCIP Trip

This story happened almost three years back when I was attending one of the three local universities in Singapore. I was happily attached back then with a wonderful girlfriend and only signed up for this CIP trip because some of my close friends were involved and I decided that it was a cheap two week get away from my studies in school. Warning, I am making this a slightly longer narrative story, so people that are interested in a colorful story about how we fuck here fuck there, please be advised that it wouldn’t be this case here. Thanks!

The CIP preparation started before we went overseas. We had some gathering to introduce ourselves and came up with activities we wanted to do there. It was in one of the gatherings that I laid my eyes on this particular girl, let’s call her Serene (Not her real name.). Serene was about 1.6m tall, probably around 46 kg. She didn’t have a gorgeous face, but what attracted me was her shapely legs… I was a legs guys and her legssssssss were so toned and so amazing and she loved to wear those tight shorts (Jeans material.), to show off her amazing legs that I couldn’t help but keep staring at them. Oh, did I mention that she was also a lesbian, with an active lesbian partner.

So anyway, to keep the boring start to our adventure short, we got to know each other just like any other friends in the OCIP trip.

OCIP proper.

So came the day when we had to go for the OCIP trip in some parts of China. When we reached the village of our CIP trip, we settled down in our respective houses and started doing our respective duties. But as we were in a foreign land, every night we will gather at someone’s place and had a TCSS gathering about the daily activities, gossiped about school and really very random stuff. So it was one of these sessions (I think it was the third night.), that it happened that Serene suddenly remembered that she left her cell phone at her place and wanted to get it. As it was a village area and night time……

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