My Intimate Encounters with My Girlfriend

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My Intimate Encounters with My Girlfriend

Story submitted by: Leo

This is a story about me and my girlfriend Lynn. Lynn is a Singaporean Malay girl while I am a Singaporean Chinese guy. We met at around Secondary Three in 2010.

Lynn was a petite, average Malay girl, with long hair tied into a ponytail and with large eyes. She was cute and bubbly and had some sort of an athlete kind of a body. She had those positive vibes that can make anyone smile. We were classmates in Secondary Three because of our subject combination, which was a Maths and DNT. We were a class of thirty and both of us sat together. Every day, I will be greeted by that sweet smile of hers and my mood will be lifted. She was chatty and lively and got along well with anyone. We often studied together after school and we would always talk about some stuff.

Fast forward to Secondary Four. On a particular Thursday, we were studying in the school library to prepare for our O levels. Lynn was stressed out and shagged after having mugged A Maths.

Lynn: “This is stressing me out! I can’t take it anymore! Can you teach me how to do this type of question?”

Me: “Of course!” (Lynn moved forward and closer to watch me do the difficult question.)

Lynn moved closer to me and I could smell a very strong fragrance coming from her. It was a great feminine smell. That made me more awakened and aroused. Once we were done with the question, it was already 4 pm. I had to rush for my CCA, which started at 4.30 pm. We parted ways.

When I returned home after a long day, I finally had the chance to relax after a warm shower. The next day came and we met in class.

Lynn: “Hey! Thanks for teaching me that difficult question! How’s CCA?”

Me: “Welcome! CCA was long and shag as fuck! But thank god tomorrow is Sat, so I can sleep longer LOL! :d.”

Lynn: “Wow, you must be aching everywhere then! From all those smashes…”

(I was in tennis.)

Me: “Yeah… I thought I could not move myself out of bed.”

(Lynn giggled.)


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