Avril’s Le-V 3

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Avril’s Le-V 3

Story submitted by: Eden

This is a continuation of ‘Avril’s Le-V 2’.

Before long, word had spread that Avril and I were an item. Some people heard that we were sexually engaged while most of the others just thought we were a cute couple together. Many of the boys in my school plucked up their courage and tried to hit on her as they thought they stood a chance now that they realized she was in the game, albeit attached.

However, she would turn down each and every advance firmly, telling them that she was faithfully attached to me. To my dismay, some of my buddies, whom I later found out, also tried to hit on her.

We were romantically and sexually involved for the next seven months. However, like every relationship, fate had to throw its curveball at us. I could feel in the past month that, Avril was in love with the attention she got from the rest of the boys. Everywhere she went, she had a group of them following her about, offering to carry her books and her bags.

To be fair, it wasn’t just Avril that was receiving the attention. I started receiving mysterious love letters and presents at my desk. I would receive texts from random numbers, claiming to be girls from the school, and they would chat me up. Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to these texts and notes, but as I felt Avril slowly drifting away, I found solace in these random girls I was texting.

On the last day of the term, Avril dragged me to one of the more secluded staircases in the school and suddenly broke down in tears. While fighting through her tears, she said, “I am sorry, Eden. I cheated on you with Ronald.”

I was shell-shocked. Ronald? One of my best pals actually did this to me. I calmed myself down and asked, “Ronald? As in my Ronald?”

“Yes, your Ronald. It was a moment of weakness. I fell down during CCA training last week and I was really in pain. Ronald came over and he offered to walk me home. When we got back to my place, my parents weren’t around and……

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