What a Gaze Can Sometimes Cost You

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What a Gaze Can Sometimes Cost You

“Hey, you know that guy?” Jane whispered to Rachel, who then turned to look at the direction Jane was facing.

There he was, a lean, cute, bespectacled young guy who gazed at Rachel. Rachel was well liked by many, a role model for the ladies and the sweet eye candy for most, if not all the guys in school. Kind, smart and friendly, with a smile that made everyone’s heart fluttered. Her long silky black hair, which she tied a ponytail to school, looked perfect with her round symmetrical face and large eyes. She looked like a Korean star, but everyone knew she did not have any Korean roots to begin with, just good genes. Everything pleasant revolved around her name, but no one knew she had a very dark secret fetish. She looked at the guy again and she remembered him, the guy from the class next to her. He was not as popular as she was, but decent enough to catch her slightest attention, especially so when both their gazes caught one another. He looked away shyly.

Rachel and Jane then giggled a little, and right after, Rachel smirked slightly as she thought about what to do with the cute guy soon enough.

The class soon ended and Rachel decided to stay in school a little while longer to catch up on studies and she stayed in class. Within minutes, she was left alone in class.

Half an hour passed by and just then, Rachel noticed someone passed by the classroom, someone familiar. Yes, the guy from before. “Seems like he is going to the toilet…” Rachel found a good opportunity to strike and she knew there was no time to waste. And she grabbed her school bag and went towards the male toilet.

“Seems like the entire block is empty.” Rachel thought and when it was safe, she crept into the male toilet, closed the door and then locked it from the inside as quietly as possible. The only sound she heard was someone peeing in one of the cubicles. She decided to wait in one of them patiently…

The flushing sound was heard and by then Rachel had confirmed she……

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