No More Bad Blood Between Us

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No More Bad Blood Between Us

Senior-junior relationships in sport CCA almost always ended up being something more. I was a year three art student in my university and had always been in the spotlight being the captain of my badminton CCA. There was just this junior that didn’t really care about my existence at all. Her name was Jasmine a petite looking girl that always gave me a weird stare every time I looked at her.

Plenty of attractive girls were into me, but all I ever thought of was her, Jasmine. I had no idea why, but she stood out to be the girl of my dream. She was the girl that was hard to get, maybe that was why she’s so enticing to me…?

This fine afternoon during the holiday I was walking my dog, Missy, out. I was wearing my Adidas cap while Missy ran as I ran. Freaking ran for a good 4 km and it started raining. Such impeccable timing I would say. I was drenched with my furry friend totally wet.

Here came the part where I got the best luck of my life. Entered Jasmine, my mind just went crazy on what I should do next. First time being so nervous in front of a girl, her hair was soaked and the red tee shirt was totally drenched.

“Hi… Jas, seems like we’re stuck in the rain together.” I smiled as she stood still, looking at my cute little doggy.

“Ha. Hi.” She blatantly replied. “Your dog is cute.”

“I know it might sound weird Jas, why are you so distant from me?” I asked, hoping something could come to light. “Is it something that I did?”

“Ha… I don’t hate you…” She looked at me awkwardly cornered herself on the edge of the shelter.

I had to get an answer by today. I mean this was the only chance… I pinned her down on the corner with her blushed red face and watery eyes looking at me, shit her drenched body and FBT’s made me a little pumped up and kind of feeling guilty I was invading her private space.

“Er… Jeremy… What are you doing…?” She blurted out in shock as she slightly pushed me away.

“Tell me…? I really like you a lot and……

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