It Would Be Fun, Going to Zoukout Together for the First Time

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It Would Be Fun, Going to Zoukout Together for the First Time

“Eh, Don! We are finally eighteen this year, how about going Zoukout this December?” Joanne asked, “It would be fun, going to Zoukout together for the first time.”

By together, she meant Shannelle, her, Jenson and me. We had been the closest of friends since secondary one and still had been as close even though they went JC while Jenson and I went polytechnic. They both had this petite body which complemented their blossoms well, especially when they were in their freaking tight uniforms and revealing skirts. Unluckily for me, they both got attached during JC and got no chance to make any of them mine.

“I am listening…! Is your boyfriend going?” I exclaimed.

“Nope, it is just Shan, Jenson, you and me.” She smirked. “Like old times, partners-in-crime.”

I proceeded to book a room at Sentosa while constantly fantasizing on what bikini they would wear that day. Talking about it just made me have a boner. We all checked in around late noon and started changing. Both Shan and Joanne took out their revealing bikinis and crop top into the bathroom. Oh god, the bathroom did not have a lock. I wished I could just barge in like this. But I had to maintain.

I slowly prepared the liquor and concocted a pair of strong yet tasteless alcohol. I was definitely up to something no good… As they both exited the bathroom, they looked at me rather shyly and weirdly. I looked down and realized they were just wearing the bikini panties with the crop top, they had some weird cute little patterns on them. Their long revealing legs were just right in front of me, just felt like prying them open and fuck Joanne up.

“Never see before pretty girls is it…?” Shannelle slightly glanced at me while she held Joanne’s hand tight.

“Haha ya, very hard to know pretty girls nowadays and it is not one but two…” I laughed it off as both of them blushed while slowly making way onto our king-sized bed.

I just felt like ripping off their panties and just fuck them right……

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