Trixie-ing Adeline

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Trixie-ing Adeline

Story submitted by: Valerie

“GL’s oi!” The camp commander shouted loudly into the sea of yellow-clad individuals. As the empire echoed their response, Adeline’s tiny, cute voice was drowned out by the low, loud voices of her empire mates.

“Tomorrow is the official start of FO 17/18, after watching your preparations throughout the year, and after today’s day 0, I know all of you have what it takes to make this FO a great one! Rest well and I will see all of you tomorrow.”

“Wah shag ah!” Adeline complained to her group of friends. After a long day of running around in the hot sun, shouting camp cheers, Adeline was all but ready to collapse into her sleeping bag.

“Eh guys, tradition a bit la, I brought two bottles of vodka, let’s go bathe and we can bring our things to a lecture theatre to drink.” One of the seniors said. Adeline was a little reluctant to go through with the drinking, but peer pressure won in the end. She brought her sleepwear to the female toilet to shower. She removed her sweat soaked clothes and quickly hit the button to summon water. As the cold water splashed against her small frame, Adeline couldn’t help but let out a slight moan. The cold water gradually enveloped her body, from her hair, to her smooth and toned back, to her small but perky breasts. She had never been the prettiest, nor the cutest face, but her slim figure certainly gave men a reason to desire her. She twisted and pinched her hardened nipples for a little while. She was a young innocent girl, but she certainly enjoyed the sensation it brought her. As she soaped up her smooth and supple thighs, she sighed as she thought of how tired she would be tomorrow after tonight.

A few minutes later…

Adeline, now freshly showered and awake, quickly set her things down and brought her sleeping bag to the designated lecture theatre. The drinking session went as how any normal drinking session would. Occasionally she would have her male friends leaning onto her, teasing and……

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