Vanessa’s Hallventures

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Vanessa’s Hallventures

Story submitted by: Valerie

Prim and proper, those two values had been ingrained into Vanessa’s head ever since she was a young girl. Now in university, she still maintained those values, until one day…

Vanessa was a bright young lady, with an even brighter future. She had excelled in her academics throughout her entire life, and as a result, she found herself in one of the most prestigious universities in Singapore. She had been living in the hall for a little over a month and she was getting accustomed to the culture. It was difficult for Vanessa to understand how everyone in her university seemed to be so sexually driven, as she herself had barely explored her sexuality. She had only fingered herself once, in which she got caught and was told never to do it again. Her roommate, Natalie, was especially horny, it had only been about forty days, but she had already brought home several men from the night clubs in Singapore back to their shared room.

Vanessa shuddered when she thought of the things that must have been going on under those sheets. The noises made her uncomfortable, but also made her private regions moist. Nonetheless, Vanessa thoroughly enjoyed her hall experience. If only she knew, she was an object of fascination for many young men.

One Friday night, after the weekly hall sports session, Natalie suggested that they all head back to her room for some drinks and fun. As expected everyone agreed as it was a Friday night, and what are Friday nights for if you don’t let loose a little and get hungover on the weekends? Vanessa was a little iffy about the whole thing, but seeing that everyone was so excited about the affair, she conceded and cheerfully agreed to the little drinking session. While some of the gang chose to return to their rooms to freshen up, a small group had elected to simply go straight to the two girls’ room. This group consisted of Jacky, who carried a short and stout figure, Thomas, who was rather tall and lanky,……

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