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Story submitted by: Valerie

“Isabel, can you take over and supervise Gavin and David again today?”

“Sure Ms. Tay!”

Young Isabel was the brightest student in class, always scoring straight A’s and never missing a beat. As a result, many teachers had specially selected her to do peer teaching after curriculum hours, and Ms. Tay was no exception. She had been supervising the two boys for three weeks and they were already showing some signs of improvement in their academics. She was excited to be given such responsibility and even keener to see how she had helped the boys at the end of the semester.

Gavin and David had no complaints about having Isabel tutor them. Who wouldn’t want the belle of the school teaching them? She made even learning about H2 chemistry enjoyable. Isabel was the eye-candy of most, if not all, of the boys in school. Standing at 155 cm and weighing a mere 45 kg, she did not have the largest pair of breasts, but her other assets more than made up for that. Her rosy cheeks and the way her lips curved ever so perfectly when she smiled were more than enough to send most boys straight to the toilet for an ‘Immediate-relief’ session. She enjoyed sticking her tongue out, which also erected a tent in most men’s pants. Her creamy, silky thighs were toned from hours of training and her butt was simply superb.

The day passed in a pretty mundane fashion, except for a small incident where Gavin ‘accidentally’ spilled Milo all over Isabel’s shorts after physical education lessons.

“Eww! I am so wet and sticky now Gavin! Thanks a lot for spilling the Milo on me!” Isabel whined innocently, unaware that her choice of words had sent Gavin’s dick straight up.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry Isabel! It was an accident!” Gavin said as he reached for her inner thighs with a tissue paper.

“Yeah, right, accident my ass.” Gavin mused in his mind.

Gavin took the opportunity to brush against Isabel’s thighs as he slid his hand up her legs to wipe……

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