Every Rose Has Its Horns

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Every Rose Has Its Horns


Rose was your typical secondary school belle. She had it all. Blessed with good looks and a figure most adolescent teens could only dream about. 1.65m height, full and firm B cup boobs, long shapely legs and a perky butt – all this coupled with the fact that she was on the school netball team, which added tone and definition to her figure, along with a healthy glowing tan. Unlike some of the other netballers on the team, she kept her hair long, which went down to the small of her back. She would’ve liked to have kept it longer, but it proved to be too inconvenient. To top it all off, she was also blessed with the smarts with straight A’s and perfect scores being the norm – she was what you could call a high flying all-rounder.

Being the school belle, she had no lack of available suitors, mostly hormone-raging-lust-filled boys who were doubtlessly spending countless hours jerking off to her image. Unfortunately for them she wasn’t the least bit interested in boys. Maybe she was, but she certainly did not show it outwardly. Some even suspected if she preferred females instead, but the truth was she just didn’t have the time.

Between studies and netball, she just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to waste their time on BGR. What more could one do at sixteen apart from awkward kisses, tentative groping and unskilled hand or blow jobs? At least that’s what it appeared as to her. She had no such needs.

Countless (And constant.), advances from guys plagued her, to the point where she had mastered the art of rejection. Being a friendly sunshine girl who loved socializing – she did not see the need to be a bitch or be outwardly cold just to put off any unwanted attention. Instead, she politely rejected any advances (Which in some cases made it worse.), or friend-zoned any hapless guys who thought they even had a glimmer of a chance.

Secondary school went by without much incident – what was there to go wrong when you had it all? She fi……

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