It All Started with a Bump

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It All Started with a Bump

Story submitted by: Mark

This is a Korean inspired story and resemblance is either intentional or coincidence.

Haejin never had a girlfriend. He was not bad looking, but no girl ever took notice of him.

One day he came with a friend who invited him to watch Mcountdown. His friend was a huge fangirl of PD101. She had been supporting the male trainees of the show. Since he had a major crush on her so he just accompanied her to the studio because of her. He didn’t know a thing about these idols.

He listened to several famous songs, but he really couldn’t understand how these fans went crazy about these idols. They were just human beings like us, he thought.

During their visit to the music show he saw many idols, male and female alike. He couldn’t deny that he’s attracted to these pretty female idols. They all looked so hot on their miniskirts and very short shorts.

While walking along with his friend, he accidentally bumped with Pristin leader Im Nayoung. She was rummaging in her bag that time, so when they collided, her possessions flew out of her bag.

Apologetically, he helped her pick up her things. Nayoung was very prim and polite. She’s also apologetic for not looking straight while walking. His friend as well as Eunwoo and Roa helped collect her things. They didn’t last long, Pristin members bade their goodbyes and gratitude as they went in the opposite direction.

During the commotion, without anybody else noticing, Nayoung slipped a piece of paper into his hand. He looked at her, her face impassive and unreadable.

The music show ended and he sent his friend home. Walking along the street, he checked the slip of paper given to him by Nayoung.

“Burn this after saving my number. Let’s meet. Don’t throw in the garbage.” Below this, Nayoung’s phone number was written.

He followed Nayoung’s instruction as written in the paper. Haejin saved her number and burned the paper borrowing someone’s cigarette lighter.

What was she……

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