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“You sure you want to do it here?” Wenqi asked as she glanced around, hoping they were not seen by anyone.

“Yes, baby. Don’t worry, here is always very quiet one, confirm nobody one.” Her boyfriend, Shane replied, as he then placed his arms on Wenqi’s shoulders, pushing her downwards a little to signal her to kneel down.

“Mmm, okay, let’s make it quick? I am excited now, but I don’t want to get caught either.” Wenqi said as she hurriedly unzipped his pants and in it was a bulge not any unfamiliar to her. “Hehe someone is so hard already?” She giggled as she then took the hard member out and began stroking it gently, making Shane moan a little to Wenqi’s delight.

Wenqi was a JC student while Shane was a poly student. Both of them got together in secondary school and it wasn’t till recently did they start going towards the sexual phase of their relationship. Stress in school was always the issue for Wenqi, and doing these sexual acts was perfect for her to destress.

“Mmm mmm mmm.” Wenqi sucked as hard as she could as she moved her head in and out of Shane’s penis. “It’s so… Ahhhh… Good Wenqi, your skills… Ahhhh… Are improving day after day.” Shane tried to speak in between his moans. Wenqi took a quick glance at Shane and seeing his satisfied face was such a turn on for her, and she took the extra effort to swirl her tongue around his dickhead, making him shiver. And she knew he was close.

“Ahh ahhhh ahh i’m… Cumming Wenqi…” Shane tried to warn her and he thought he was a bit loud and was sure Wenqi heard it. But Wenqi sucked even harder and faster this time.

“Ahh ahhhhhh.”

Streams of sperms shot into Wenqi’s mouth and she took them all in. It took a full minute before Shane’s dick stopped throbbing and began to shrink back to its normal size. Wenqi then licked the dick clean before carefully keeping it back into Shane’s underwear.

“You swallowed all of it???” Shane on the other hand was surprised Wenqi swallowed it, for the first ……

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