Diary of a Taxi Driver

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Diary of a Taxi Driver

I had been a cabbie for the past nine months now. Before that I asked around, getting feedbacks from other cabbies about how a cabbie life will be. Some encouraged me, others gave non pleasant views. You got to be disciplined, dedicated, have a stone face in case passengers scolded you etc. Some cons, but most of the cabbies I spoke to will say there were perks being one, and meeting gorgeous ladies was one of them. With a candid face and a good conversation, you can go far with them.

Anyhow, that was not the main reason I became one! For almost six months my life was driving towards a boring job. Yes, you met people, ladies pretty and ugly, boobs and bums of various sizes, couples kissing behind the passenger back seat. But that was it. Visual and hearing stimulations for few ten minutes and that was it.

One fine Wednesday night in August, about 4 am, as usual, I attacked Clarke Quay. Most of the party goers were already leaving the clubs and taxis were needed there. I drove along River Valley Road and straight to Tan Tye place. I tried to avoid the main road because so many people waiting along the main road and I had no clue who to pick, maybe someone just stood in front of another person who was already waiting for about five minutes and I happened to come and picked up the former, no fair right? So I went straight to Tan Tye place taxi stand, was fourth or fifth in the queue.

And from afar, I saw a Malay couple standing. The girl looked in her early 20s, wearing a blue tight dress, tall, fair, wavy shoulder length hair, slender legs, and tight bums. Her head was leaning on the guy’s shoulder, who was seen playing with her hair and whispering in her ears.

I could tell that she was high, super high, not zonked out, but high enough to can’t even stand properly. The guy kept whispering something to her and she repeatedly shook her head. Every time she shook her head, she did it rigorously and after that she was swaying like being pushed by strong……

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