CBD & Office Lust

Currently undertaking an internship opportunity and having a LOA from school.

Really love all these ladies in their tight skirts and dresses, thinking how crazy and wild they are behind closed doors, and some may even be fellow tumblr user:)

However, more to point, there’s this cute lady in my next office whom I always bump into at the printing area on the way out. At first it was just smiles, but recently it has gotten to saying “hi”. Need more chances to get close to this cute lady and maybe eventually lunch.

Office sex? Definitely! Especially in all those seducing dresses she’s always in.

This tumblr will be more towards my private thoughts and photos, while reposts and posts will be on @sgdesires

Created a new tumblr which gonna be slightly more private, and also my own photo album. Gave up after multiple instagram bans.

But I’m quite sure most of my guy followers are only interested in my this blog instead of the other one. If I have any female fans, feel free to follow.