CNY Boyfriend Rental

Kinda did this last year, and just for fun again!

Any single strong-minded girls who are alone but keen to feud off relatives’ constant persistent over your relationship?

Cost: Favors 😏 & I get to keep the angpow

Me: undergraduate, fit, tanned, Chinese, not too bad looking and able to speak hokkien!

You: in a tight dress with easy accessibility

Do: sneaking in some naughty touches, going at it at crazy places (your relatives’ bedroom or toilets), keeping you horny with sensual touches.

Don’t: no photos, no blue balls, no bossing around

Kinks: crazily many, discover yourself

Hahah keeping this funny, anyway it’s gonna be a very long horny weekend. Do hit me up if you’re interested to chat:)

Here’s for this year! Have fun everyone, and happy Chinese New Year to my fellow Chinese. Great holidays to the rest of the people!

Kinda bored! Chat me up:)