Tumblr Direction

As many people who stumbles onto this tumblr, you most likely came from my older tumblr where I used to share photos and stories and now it’s just a place for me to share what I think is hot or even leaks or scandals.

Initially I wanted to post more of my photos along with stories but I am still insecure posting photos even though discreet on a public website so I decided to post them in my private Instagram @notsfwlah

You can request, but I may not accept everyone so if you’re from here and I’ve not accepted, feel free to send a message to this or my other tumblr stating the reason why you are interested in following. I understand some of you may want to stay private and discreet, then you can don’t follow but I’ll promise no identity leaks will happen even if you do. I have proof where @namelessclosetslut accidentally follow, and her identity is still safe.

So this tumblr will mainly be my avenue to share my daily encounters, thoughts and confessions. Do let me know if you’re interested to know anything.

General directions