Siti, horny and easy 23yo SG slut flashes at 7-11 for some favours

I was a 7-11 along orchard road, at 8pm after work. I was tired as fuck and just wanted to get cigarettes and go home.

Just as I stepped in the door, I noticed a malay girl in a tight cotton dress. Most of them have tight bodies, but she was next level stuff.

I suspected that she didn’t have any bra on, but wasn’t sure. Like any other straight man, I decided to treat my eyes a bit, without being obvious.

At this point I realised she really didn’t have a bra on. Tried to take a sneaky photo, but she turned around. I thought I was fucked. But she smiled. And gestured for me to follow her.

“Sorry, actually I want to ask for your help,” she said, in a flirty way.

“I left my wallet at home la. And I want to buy cigarettes and alcohol. Can you pay for me first?”

“Pay for you?!? Then what I get in return??” I asked cheekily

“This maybe? I really want to drink tonight, you see, I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and I want to forget about it” she said, slowly pulling her dress for a quick flash. She didn’t care that the staff was behind.

“Actually, can you take photos of me? I wanna show to my asshole of a boyfriend.”

“Ok, 1 pack and 1 beer. Maybe if you flash more, and walk around the shop, I will be nice and buy more beers,” I told her. I was fucking horny by now.

“That one easy la. Come, follow me abang.”

She walked around and started flashing, but didn’t allow me to touch her. It was driving me crazy. Her body was fucking perfect. Pierced nipples, shaved pussy, perfect tight ass.

I bought her all the beer and alcohol she wanted, on the condition that she drink with me outside.

As soon as we stepped out of the shop, I couldn’t resist myself and pulled her dress up to spank her tight ass.

“You’re such a dirty whore, you know?” I said, as I grabbed her ass in the open.

“I actually like doing this. Plus you’re much hotter than my boyfriend. I wanna be your little fuck toy, your slave. Just tell me what to do, my body belongs to you tonight.”

So I did. We walked around town and I made her flash at my command. She obeyed every command like a good little slut. Didn’t care that other people might see.

It was gonna be a long night. We had a meal first.

We walked around town after. Like a good fuck slave, she obeyed all my commands to strip.

We sat by the roadside to drink. She was even hornier when drunk, and went to strip butt naked without me asking her.

By this point she was butt naked and walking around, out of control. I couldn’t take it anymore. I booked a hotel immediately.

I fucked her hard and good. I came on her the first time round, but she got disappointed and asked that I come inside her and on her face the next time. We did it another 3 times throughout the night. Her pussy was better than it looked – Tight as her body. Apparently, her exes had tiny dicks which kept it tight for me 🙂

The next day, I woke up and saw that she wasn’t in the room. I thought she left, but went into the bathroom and saw this

Despite all the sex from the past night, she was still horny as fuck. Needless to say, I fucked her there and then. She insisted to facetime her boyfriend while sucking my dick.

I ended up fucking her again while her pathetic boyfriend watched.