I Took Advantage of a Girl Who Liked Me

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I Took Advantage of a Girl Who Liked Me

I still remember this past experience of mine, when I was still an undergraduate in NTU. I lived in Hall 10 with my friend and the only bad thing living in Hall 10 was that a lot of lizards would casually show up in our room.

I remember it was during the first semester of year three, that my ex and I broke up. I was emotionally drained and devastated, at some point I was really in a depressed state that I could not get up to class and lectures at all. My mind was wandering in some really dark places and I felt hopeless.

But then before we broke up, when the bad signs started to show themselves, I frequently chatted with a gal friend and sought comfort from her via texts. I felt she had some feelings for me, but sadly, I had none for her.

In terms of a person’s character, she was not my type as I found her being a bit bland. She was a normal girl who enjoyed internet memes and did sports a lot, but she lacked the depth in personality. She was not too complex, not dark enough in personality, which something I was drawn to at that young age of mine. I used to like girls with complicated emotions and dark thoughts. Haha, typical thrill seeking lover.

But sexually, she aroused me way too much. She was very petite, almost only 153 cm, but due to her frequent sports activities, she had a great body ratio and great shape. Her waist was so slim, that was no need to mention how great it felt when I put my arms around it. Her ass was round and firm, with enough meat that made a typical sexy ass when she wore tight jeans. Due to her short height, her B cup breasts were very pleasant looking.

In a nutshell, she was someone I would really love to fuck, but not to fall in love with. Yet I had to admit she was a wifey material, just not that type of exciting girlfriend material.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, she was a Malaysian Chinese girl.

So when she knew I broke up, we texted each other more often and we started to flirt in a more explicit way. Then……

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