Charmaine from Uni

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Charmaine from Uni

Her name was Charmaine and we had the same group of friends in University; a mix-and-match of people from one hall, and some girl who knew a couple of guys from his JC CCA, whatever. She definitely wouldn’t be classified as someone I was close to, nor was she the kind of girl who kept me away at arm’s length. The only interactions we had were just the casual ‘Hey, how’s it going’ when too many people went to the toilet or too many people came late and our options for conversation became limited.

Now, I was as horny as any other 22 year old guy in Singapore, but it was easy to see how one could place Charmaine in the realm of the ‘do-not-fuck’ zone. She’s homely, studious, goes to church, and had an air of aloofness about her past schooling and appeared to carry that with her as she sneered at strangers or PRC’s walking down the halls. I mean, she never said it out loud, but the narrowing of her eyes and that slight tilt of her head told us all. Still, as a guy, I must admit that I had allowed my eyes to rove down the smoothness of her thighs more than once.

“We should hang out sometime-”

It must’ve been part of the lyrics to whatever shit was playing on Spotify. I read the question in my Econometrics tutorial again, but there it was again; her faint voice wafted through the chords of a Metallica guitar solo and somehow reached my eardrums.

I removed my earphones.


“You and me, we should hang out sometime.”

I looked to my left; Celine and John had abandoned their seats in the library, presumably to go make out between the VAC and WUX bookshelves; you know, the shelves no one goes to.

My gaze dipped down to her hands, fidgeting with that Stabilo pencil she had chewed to oblivion. Beneath the shitty fluorescent lighting, I could make out her lips trembling.

“You want us to hang out, like, together?”

I looked into her eyes, black irises stained with the tiniest specks of brown, like a teaspoon of Milo in a cup of kopi-o. I had……

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