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Fucking the Bride Weeks Before Her Wedding

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Fucking the Bride Weeks Before Her Wedding

I had another colleague called Audrey Lim a decade ago. We worked together for two and a half years before she quitted to follow her husband and moved to England for work after their wedding. Three weeks prior to her wedding, she tendered her resignation, so our colleague clique organized a farewell dinner plus ‘Hen’s night’ for her. Had dinner, then went for KTV. We ordered beers, she sat beside me, sat quite close. A lot of shoulder rubs and all. At 9.30 pm, people all said they had to go back… Was just left with me, her and two more colleagues. I suggested to come to my place and drink and celebrate further. Cabbed to my condo, drank and chat until 11 pm. They wanted to leave, so went out to get cabs. The first cab came, Audrey let the other two colleagues had it first as they lived near to each other. Once they were gone, I chatted with her.

Me: “Sorry Dree…” (That’s my nickname for her.) “Lame hen’s night for you…”

Audrey: “It was ok la. Thanks for it anyway!”

Me: “No la. It is lame. Not a true hen’s night at all… Schedule too tight to plan… No stripper for you…”

Audrey: “Stripper??? Singapore have meh??”

Me: “Haha, yes. Not easy to find, but yes… Actually wanted to ask but was afraid you might get angry.”

Audrey: “Why angry??”

Me: “Cos it is a male stripper…”

Audrey: “Oh… I am not really sure how that works…”

Me: “Haha, you are too vanilla la. But it would have been a fun experience with us all colleagues group, a nice and wild memory to have before you get hitched forever… Do you even have a single wild memory??”

Audrey: “Haha. No la. Boring girl la.”

Me: “How can??? Don’t tell me, he’s your first boyfriend??”

Audrey: “Yup. Met in church quite long ago…”

Me: “How can?? You not curious meh. To have at least one wild night…”

Audrey giggled… Obviously tipsy from the alcohol as she wasn’t like that usually…

Audrey: “You organize another hen’s night for me lo.”

Me: “I wish I could,……

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I Took Advantage of a Girl Who Liked Me

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I Took Advantage of a Girl Who Liked Me

I still remember this past experience of mine, when I was still an undergraduate in NTU. I lived in Hall 10 with my friend and the only bad thing living in Hall 10 was that a lot of lizards would casually show up in our room.

I remember it was during the first semester of year three, that my ex and I broke up. I was emotionally drained and devastated, at some point I was really in a depressed state that I could not get up to class and lectures at all. My mind was wandering in some really dark places and I felt hopeless.

But then before we broke up, when the bad signs started to show themselves, I frequently chatted with a gal friend and sought comfort from her via texts. I felt she had some feelings for me, but sadly, I had none for her.

In terms of a person’s character, she was not my type as I found her being a bit bland. She was a normal girl who enjoyed internet memes and did sports a lot, but she lacked the depth in personality. She was not too complex, not dark enough in personality, which something I was drawn to at that young age of mine. I used to like girls with complicated emotions and dark thoughts. Haha, typical thrill seeking lover.

But sexually, she aroused me way too much. She was very petite, almost only 153 cm, but due to her frequent sports activities, she had a great body ratio and great shape. Her waist was so slim, that was no need to mention how great it felt when I put my arms around it. Her ass was round and firm, with enough meat that made a typical sexy ass when she wore tight jeans. Due to her short height, her B cup breasts were very pleasant looking.

In a nutshell, she was someone I would really love to fuck, but not to fall in love with. Yet I had to admit she was a wifey material, just not that type of exciting girlfriend material.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, she was a Malaysian Chinese girl.

So when she knew I broke up, we texted each other more often and we started to flirt in a more explicit way. Then……

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Diary of a Taxi Driver

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Diary of a Taxi Driver

I had been a cabbie for the past nine months now. Before that I asked around, getting feedbacks from other cabbies about how a cabbie life will be. Some encouraged me, others gave non pleasant views. You got to be disciplined, dedicated, have a stone face in case passengers scolded you etc. Some cons, but most of the cabbies I spoke to will say there were perks being one, and meeting gorgeous ladies was one of them. With a candid face and a good conversation, you can go far with them.

Anyhow, that was not the main reason I became one! For almost six months my life was driving towards a boring job. Yes, you met people, ladies pretty and ugly, boobs and bums of various sizes, couples kissing behind the passenger back seat. But that was it. Visual and hearing stimulations for few ten minutes and that was it.

One fine Wednesday night in August, about 4 am, as usual, I attacked Clarke Quay. Most of the party goers were already leaving the clubs and taxis were needed there. I drove along River Valley Road and straight to Tan Tye place. I tried to avoid the main road because so many people waiting along the main road and I had no clue who to pick, maybe someone just stood in front of another person who was already waiting for about five minutes and I happened to come and picked up the former, no fair right? So I went straight to Tan Tye place taxi stand, was fourth or fifth in the queue.

And from afar, I saw a Malay couple standing. The girl looked in her early 20s, wearing a blue tight dress, tall, fair, wavy shoulder length hair, slender legs, and tight bums. Her head was leaning on the guy’s shoulder, who was seen playing with her hair and whispering in her ears.

I could tell that she was high, super high, not zonked out, but high enough to can’t even stand properly. The guy kept whispering something to her and she repeatedly shook her head. Every time she shook her head, she did it rigorously and after that she was swaying like being pushed by strong……

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It All Started with a Bump

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It All Started with a Bump

Story submitted by: Mark

This is a Korean inspired story and resemblance is either intentional or coincidence.

Haejin never had a girlfriend. He was not bad looking, but no girl ever took notice of him.

One day he came with a friend who invited him to watch Mcountdown. His friend was a huge fangirl of PD101. She had been supporting the male trainees of the show. Since he had a major crush on her so he just accompanied her to the studio because of her. He didn’t know a thing about these idols.

He listened to several famous songs, but he really couldn’t understand how these fans went crazy about these idols. They were just human beings like us, he thought.

During their visit to the music show he saw many idols, male and female alike. He couldn’t deny that he’s attracted to these pretty female idols. They all looked so hot on their miniskirts and very short shorts.

While walking along with his friend, he accidentally bumped with Pristin leader Im Nayoung. She was rummaging in her bag that time, so when they collided, her possessions flew out of her bag.

Apologetically, he helped her pick up her things. Nayoung was very prim and polite. She’s also apologetic for not looking straight while walking. His friend as well as Eunwoo and Roa helped collect her things. They didn’t last long, Pristin members bade their goodbyes and gratitude as they went in the opposite direction.

During the commotion, without anybody else noticing, Nayoung slipped a piece of paper into his hand. He looked at her, her face impassive and unreadable.

The music show ended and he sent his friend home. Walking along the street, he checked the slip of paper given to him by Nayoung.

“Burn this after saving my number. Let’s meet. Don’t throw in the garbage.” Below this, Nayoung’s phone number was written.

He followed Nayoung’s instruction as written in the paper. Haejin saved her number and burned the paper borrowing someone’s cigarette lighter.

What was she……

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Our Precious Little Intern

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Our Precious Little Intern

Thank god it was Friday… And a dressed down Friday…

All of the old workers came over to celebrate our precious little intern’s, Valerie, last week at work. Valerie was my eye-candy at work and her curves of her body were just god damn attractive. She had found a full time position with one of our competitors and in two weeks she would be gone.

I was definitely going to miss her, especially the times where I ogled her body from top to body. I can’t bear to let her go before fucking her at least once.

We all drank more than we should have, I was nowhere near sober and the bar was closing for the night.

Some sense was knocked into me and I realized that it was just Valerie and me at the table, laughing about an old story…

I was halfway turned on just like that…

“Wow, it is getting late. I have already had drunk too much… And should probably get rolling,” I mentioned while a bit reluctant to leave.

I knew my wife was out of town for the next week visiting her parents, but I didn’t think it would be appreciated if I stayed out at the bar with another woman… My wife would definitely kill me…

Especially how clearly drunk I was. Especially the fine figure of Valerie and especially the way Valerie looked tonight, slender yet perky with her boobs and bubble butt.

The cleavage from her petite cups spilled over her gorgeous pink top that barely came up past her nipples and denim dress that was just hanging just under her petite ass. Her blue highlights and bright eyes pronounced her high cheekbones and feminine smile and her tall heels accentuated her long slender fair legs. I just felt like ripping her top off and demanding a boob job…

Valerie had always been the cock tease. I had spent many a session even after getting married, in the shower, shooting loads into the drain thinking about her fantastic body and beautiful face.

Valerie brought me back from my daydream, “Ah, ya… I should probably get home, too. Though to be……

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Yvonne Ho the Banker

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Yvonne Ho the Banker

My colleague Yvonne is a specialist supporting me. Usually I would bring her along for my sales appointments.

She looked gorgeous, flamboyant and sexy type. She was about 1.63m tall and very, very fair skin. Long wavy hair in light brown color. Her figure was very monstrous and she will definitely make your head turn when she walked past you.

She loved to wear black and red bra and usually it turned me on every time I asked her something and she will bend down and assist me. I would always make her repeat as I was very distracted by her melons! Trust me, it was one of the best pair I had seen for a local. ๐Ÿ˜›

I joined the bank earlier than her and she was my junior so my branch manager asked me to guide her on the systems and be friendly to her. I told myself: “Friendly? Of course!” I was in fact very sexcited about her sitting beside me. Our desks were not located in the branch and our seats were very close to each other. That made it really easy for me to ‘see’ and know her better!

She got nice white bunny teeth and I always liked girls with bunny teeth as I think they were cute and the BJ can have more feel.

The first two weeks of orientation was very senior and junior kind. No dirty talks purely about work. By the third week, I got to know her much better. She had a boyfriend of three years and was not very close to her. Meeting up once during the weekend at most. This made the hunter had a better chance.

I started to tease her daily. Telling her how good her figure was and she was the prettiest in the branch. Her sales was not very good and I kept on encouraging her and told her one day she will be the top. Our relationship grew better and better day by day… My lust grew and my mouth drool every time she bent down to pick up her pens or paper. I can see her beautiful, smooth, deliciously big tits hanging there and the fact that I can only see 30% of it made me fantasize and want to explore her more.

As I mentioned,……

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Analyzing Ann

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Analyzing Ann

Story submitted by: Knok

I still remember the day with extreme clarity. It was a day of many surprises and an exciting discovery, one which would live with me forever.

It all started out with my group of colleagues on a simple chill out session after a hard week of work one Friday evening. There were five of us from the same company – James, Elaine, Wenxiang, Ann and I. James and Elaine were a workplace couple while Wenxiang was already married with a kid. That left Ann and I as the only singles and socially active ones, which meant that the two of us were outnumbered when it came to decide on what we were going to do that evening.

“No clubbing?” Groaned Ann as she crossed her legs on the hawker center stool as they finished up their dinner.

“Nope,” mumbled Wenxiang. “I am ok if we chilled at someone’s home, but I don’t want to go to Butter, Zouk or any of those other loud places. Besides, I need to be back by midnight.”

Sighing in resignation, I made the decision on behalf of the whole group. “Look, if we’re going to hang out at someone’s place, then I think we should go to Ann’s place. It is definitely the nicest of all our homes and she has not got a wife hovering around waiting to nag us.”

I could see nods of agreement across the table. Ann, a Malaysian expat, had been given a very plush condominium by the company up near Grange Road, a large one-bedroom unit complete with large HD television, king-sized bed and upscale furnishings. Of course, this also didn’t take into account that my own roommate had told me not to go back to our apartment before dawn as he was thinking of bringing home and bonking a local university undergrad that he had met at a party the night before.

“Ok, fine, we’ll go to my place, then,” said Ann. “I’ve got quite a lot of alcohol left after my previous chalet stay with my old classmates so we can finish that up instead.”

After adjourning to her place, we broke open the bottles of Jack Daniels and Tiger……

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Avril’s Le-V 3

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Avril’s Le-V 3

Story submitted by: Eden

This is a continuation of ‘Avril’s Le-V 2’.

Before long, word had spread that Avril and I were an item. Some people heard that we were sexually engaged while most of the others just thought we were a cute couple together. Many of the boys in my school plucked up their courage and tried to hit on her as they thought they stood a chance now that they realized she was in the game, albeit attached.

However, she would turn down each and every advance firmly, telling them that she was faithfully attached to me. To my dismay, some of my buddies, whom I later found out, also tried to hit on her.

We were romantically and sexually involved for the next seven months. However, like every relationship, fate had to throw its curveball at us. I could feel in the past month that, Avril was in love with the attention she got from the rest of the boys. Everywhere she went, she had a group of them following her about, offering to carry her books and her bags.

To be fair, it wasn’t just Avril that was receiving the attention. I started receiving mysterious love letters and presents at my desk. I would receive texts from random numbers, claiming to be girls from the school, and they would chat me up. Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to these texts and notes, but as I felt Avril slowly drifting away, I found solace in these random girls I was texting.

On the last day of the term, Avril dragged me to one of the more secluded staircases in the school and suddenly broke down in tears. While fighting through her tears, she said, “I am sorry, Eden. I cheated on you with Ronald.”

I was shell-shocked. Ronald? One of my best pals actually did this to me. I calmed myself down and asked, “Ronald? As in my Ronald?”

“Yes, your Ronald. It was a moment of weakness. I fell down during CCA training last week and I was really in pain. Ronald came over and he offered to walk me home. When we got back to my place, my parents weren’t around and……

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Sharon, Me & the Pool

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Sharon, Me & the Pool

This is another story about my married friend Sharon and me. It took about two months after our initial adulterous encounter. Since the time of our first screw session, we were bonking like rabbits till her husband came back about a week later. We cooled things off during the duration of his return, which lasted about ten days. He was then off to Korea for about another four months. Within days of his departure Sharon called me and we arranged to meet for a movie. With that, we started hanging out and doing things together, which included among other things, working out in a gym and going for a swim after. That’s where this story begins…

Sharon’s husband had left for about a month, Sharon and I were meeting up about three to four times a week. I had just started a new job and though we met up, our time spent together was short. I remember that I had worked for two straight weeks, finishing late and without a break, trying to learn the ropes and get into the swing of things. Sharon would drop by some evenings and we would have dinner together, or she would meet me later in the night for some drinks. On one of these occasions Sharon mentioned that I looked a little lethargic and that I should get some exercise. I initially declined, saying I was too tired. She just wouldn’t let up and kept trying to convince me to get a workout. I replied that I got enough of a workout screwing her, all that got me was a jab in the ribs. But she finally got me to say yes by inviting me to the gym that she went to. She told me that it was located in the middle of a business park and was quite quiet on weekends. After her workout she usually went for a swim in the pool there and took the opportunity to sunbathe. That was what got me to commit to going for the workout. I was thinking that it was the best chance to find out if her bikini was as skimpy as I thought. (In my previous story I mentioned that her tan lines suggested that she wore bikinis that covered very little of……

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Chinese New Year Specials, Nephew Raped and Fucked Wife Like a Whore!

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Chinese New Year Specials, Nephew Raped and Fucked Wife Like a Whore!

Reunion dinner, Sunday. 6 plus pm. We reached my parent’s place with our kids. Most people had already arrived, some helping to cook and lay the table. We both went to help. Wife was wearing a rather tight black top, faded to cream bottom silk cheongsam with floral patterns. It was short, above knee length. The bottom cream color was rather see through, so one can make out her red Tanga panties easily…

When dinner started, we were both rather relieved to see that zai and his wife didn’t come. Otherwise, it would be even more awkward for Wife to be sitting at the same table with three guys she’s fucked before with. We could see our nephew LK, he was acting very steady, like nothing had happened before. But he was clearly avoiding eye contact with me. I did catch his occasional look at Wife. After dinner was sort of over, he went back up to his room. We relaxed a little. About 8 plus pm, I drove my kids back to our helper. We intended to stay and gamble a little.

After I drove off, Wife sat on the sofa to watch television. Initially they wanted to stay and gamble blackjack all these. In the end, two families left. They decided to play mahjong instead. Wife ended up with nothing to do and watched television with two other relatives instead. After a while, she got really bored, decided to go to the kitchen to get herself a drink. While waiting for the water to boil, she opened a pack of three in one coffee and waited. Suddenly, someone said something and gave her a shock.

Stranger: “Hello. Miss me?”

Wife turned as she recognized the voice. She started to panic. The two of them were alone in the kitchen, away from the view from the living room and dining area.

Wife: “What you want?”

Wife turned back to her coffee, too embarrassed to face him and make eye contact.

LK: “I want to wish you happy Chinese New Year loโ€ฆ Haven’t gotten hong pao from you yet…”

Wife: “It’s tomorrow leh. Not tonight…”

LK: “Then tonight, I want you……

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