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One Night Between the Sheets

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One Night Between the Sheets

I’ve been on a three to four year hiatus from clubbing and it was only recently I got back into the scene. I was afraid and thought I would be burned out like real quick because I wasn’t used to the late nights but apparently that wasn’t the case at all. It was like the nightlife never left me. About a month in, I actually had some of the most fun and crazy nights ever. Reliving the moments like it was back to 2011 – 2012 was awesome. My first comeback night wasn’t actually all great, but the feelings I had while partying reminded me why I loved it so much in the first place.

Outfits weren’t much of an issue, luckily. I wasn’t the sexiest or the best dressed girl, but I sure did attract attention. (Maybe that’s also because I really can dance. LOL.)

Never would I have thought that it’ll happen again, but last Thursday night proved me wrong. And so, that was the one night between the sheets.

Now playing: Kissing Strangers – DNCE ft. Nicki Minaj.

Last Thursday night.

My friend had invited me to join a Kinect dance session with her plus dinner and like damnnnn, I had a good time working out that evening. That got me pumped up and I really want to get that streak going on through the night! I was sporting a purple crop top and white cropped jeggings. Since Thursday nights at Zouk = free entry, I made my plans and went alone. (My friend already had plans after this so yeah.)

It’s not like I had never gone on my own before. I loved going to clubs on my own, mind you. It was quite an empowering feeling and hell yeah it took a lot of courage. It was also that freedom to move around quickly and freely without having to look out for somebody other than yourself, and yes, the freedom to make ‘friends’ easily. But of course, it also made me an easy target and sometimes I spent half the night avoiding people like a snake. (Like damn it was tiring yo. I just want to let loose on my own man. LOL.)

Anyway, moving on… I arrived at Zouk at about 12……

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Diary of a Taxi Driver

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Diary of a Taxi Driver

I had been a cabbie for the past nine months now. Before that I asked around, getting feedbacks from other cabbies about how a cabbie life will be. Some encouraged me, others gave non pleasant views. You got to be disciplined, dedicated, have a stone face in case passengers scolded you etc. Some cons, but most of the cabbies I spoke to will say there were perks being one, and meeting gorgeous ladies was one of them. With a candid face and a good conversation, you can go far with them.

Anyhow, that was not the main reason I became one! For almost six months my life was driving towards a boring job. Yes, you met people, ladies pretty and ugly, boobs and bums of various sizes, couples kissing behind the passenger back seat. But that was it. Visual and hearing stimulations for few ten minutes and that was it.

One fine Wednesday night in August, about 4 am, as usual, I attacked Clarke Quay. Most of the party goers were already leaving the clubs and taxis were needed there. I drove along River Valley Road and straight to Tan Tye place. I tried to avoid the main road because so many people waiting along the main road and I had no clue who to pick, maybe someone just stood in front of another person who was already waiting for about five minutes and I happened to come and picked up the former, no fair right? So I went straight to Tan Tye place taxi stand, was fourth or fifth in the queue.

And from afar, I saw a Malay couple standing. The girl looked in her early 20s, wearing a blue tight dress, tall, fair, wavy shoulder length hair, slender legs, and tight bums. Her head was leaning on the guy’s shoulder, who was seen playing with her hair and whispering in her ears.

I could tell that she was high, super high, not zonked out, but high enough to can’t even stand properly. The guy kept whispering something to her and she repeatedly shook her head. Every time she shook her head, she did it rigorously and after that she was swaying like being pushed by strong……

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It All Started with a Bump

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It All Started with a Bump

Story submitted by: Mark

This is a Korean inspired story and resemblance is either intentional or coincidence.

Haejin never had a girlfriend. He was not bad looking, but no girl ever took notice of him.

One day he came with a friend who invited him to watch Mcountdown. His friend was a huge fangirl of PD101. She had been supporting the male trainees of the show. Since he had a major crush on her so he just accompanied her to the studio because of her. He didn’t know a thing about these idols.

He listened to several famous songs, but he really couldn’t understand how these fans went crazy about these idols. They were just human beings like us, he thought.

During their visit to the music show he saw many idols, male and female alike. He couldn’t deny that he’s attracted to these pretty female idols. They all looked so hot on their miniskirts and very short shorts.

While walking along with his friend, he accidentally bumped with Pristin leader Im Nayoung. She was rummaging in her bag that time, so when they collided, her possessions flew out of her bag.

Apologetically, he helped her pick up her things. Nayoung was very prim and polite. She’s also apologetic for not looking straight while walking. His friend as well as Eunwoo and Roa helped collect her things. They didn’t last long, Pristin members bade their goodbyes and gratitude as they went in the opposite direction.

During the commotion, without anybody else noticing, Nayoung slipped a piece of paper into his hand. He looked at her, her face impassive and unreadable.

The music show ended and he sent his friend home. Walking along the street, he checked the slip of paper given to him by Nayoung.

“Burn this after saving my number. Let’s meet. Don’t throw in the garbage.” Below this, Nayoung’s phone number was written.

He followed Nayoung’s instruction as written in the paper. Haejin saved her number and burned the paper borrowing someone’s cigarette lighter.

What was she……

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This Was the First Time I Will Be Having a One-Night Stand

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This Was the First Time I Will Be Having a One-Night Stand

Trina is my name, I was a yoga instructor and there were rarely any guys in my class. However, whenever there were guys in my class, they would try to pick me up. They often talked dirty with me, saying how they would like to poke me from the back or how they would want me to play with their dick. I myself was quite turned on by these guys, however, I always refrained myself from turning into a slut.

There came Trevor, a guy with the appropriate muscle properties that I sought with the sweet, charming face and most of all a cute smile. I was not sure why he joined a yoga class, but he was clearly hot as fuck.

“Hi! Trina, I would like to ask you on tips for yoga. Could we meet after class?” Trevor smiled as he grabbed my hand. “Please say yes.”

My face was clearly blushing by just looking him into his eyes. Damn, he looked like he could devour me anytime.

“Er… Yea… Sure!” I reciprocated when I tried to shy away my eyes away from him while my nipples were a little erected.

Fast forwarded to…

“So… About yoga, how do you stretch,” Trevor moved his hand on my thighs. “This part of your body.”

Shit, I looked down at his pants, he was clearly erected. Should I go for it…?

I mean he was hot and definitely looked good in bed. But this was the first time I will be having a one-night stand.

“I mean I could show you in the back at my house.” I forcefully smiled while giving him an awkward face. “I mean I think you deserved it after being so attentive in class.”

The moment I opened my door, I pushed him onto the edge of my corridor, unbuttoned his pants and pulled it down. I looked right onto his bulging boxers as I fondled it while it slowly got bigger.

“Fuck…! Trina… I am taking control over you.” He pushed me on the wall, frenching me and fondled my boobs underneath my yoga strap tee.

I was panting hard, as my breasts were bouncing and squeezed by his gentle hands. “Fuck, you’re too perky.” Trevor shouted. “I just want to……

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The Wedding Hunt

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The Wedding Hunt

Story submitted by: Knok

Stepping out of the lift, I walked casually into the reception area of the Ritz Carlton hotel and took in the sight of a wedding reception in full swing. People filled the area, decked out in their finest livery as they took an evening off to celebrate the wedding of a friend, relative or colleague.

I stepped over to the groom’s registration table, flashing the young lady behind the table a brilliant smile as I told her my name.

“Lee? Mr. Shaun Lee?”

“That would be me,” I affirmed, the smile still plastered across my face.

“Thank you Mr. Lee,” she replied while handing me a car park voucher. “Hope you enjoy yourself tonight.”

How she figured I had driven there, I would never know. Perhaps it was the neat Armani suit that fit me perfectly or the big silver Tag Heuer on my wrist. Either way, it didn’t cause me too much concern, for I had left my sleek black Mercedes SLK tucked away in the car park.

Thanking the lady, I walked over to the groom. A distant cousin of mine, he’d still seen fit to invite his whole extended family to the wedding. A quick round of salutations and congratulations put the necessary formalities out of the way, leaving me free to do what I had actually gone to the wedding for – the hunt for a lady looking for company.

A quick scan of the room revealed the usual assortment of types. Elderly uncle and auntie types (Obviously the relatives of one side or the other.), middle aged yuppies (Probably colleagues.), and a bunch of annoying kids who tagged alongside their parents, complaining about the long wait till dinner. Basically, no solo girl who looked like a likely target for me.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of blue. Spinning around, though not so quickly as to draw attention to myself, I found myself looking at her.

The first thing I noticed about her was her height – about ten centimeters taller than me, she stood out as being one of the taller people in the room…….

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MRT – Short Story

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MRT – Short Story

I am an average Joe working a 9 – 5 office job taking the MRT to work every day, dragging my feet to the last cabin where I hope there would be seats and not crowded but always disappointed.

One day in April I was going through the same routine waiting for the train at the last cabin and while I was waiting I saw the sexiest looking SYT / OL walking towards me while looking down on her phone.

She had long straight hair, brown contact lenses, B cup, sharp jaw line, perfect teeth and she was dressed in black heels, tight brown bandage skirt and a white formal long sleeve top. She was carrying a laptop bag and a black shoulder bag across her shoulders and in between her boobs at the front. Smoking hot, just my type.

She walked and walked. And I couldn’t help but stare at her, and she walked and walked… And her head bumped onto my chest and her laptop bag hit my phone and it dropped.

With her white top and a button undone, she bent down immediately and apologized furiously: “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t see where I was walking!!” When she bent down I caught a glimpse of her sky blue bra and a tiny bit of flesh. Those little teaser moments were what always turned me on when I least expected it. She stood back up and inspected my phone turning it around all over to find if there’s any cracks or dents.

(My phone screen had an old crack before.)

MRT girl: “OMG, I think your screen crack sorry sorry!!! Please let me help you change your screen for you.”

Me: “No need la, small crack only.” (Playing it cool.)

MRT girl: “No, no I insist, can I get your number so I can contact you to arrange a day to fix the phone??”

Me: “Uh… Sure. My number is 9******.”

MRT girl: (She left a missed call.) “Got receive anything?”

Me: “Ya, got your missed call already.”

MRT girl: “Great! I will call you again later during lunch?”

Me: “Wait but where do you work?”

MRT girl: “I work at Tanjong Pagar.”

Me thinking to myself: “Great that’s just……

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Zoukout 2014

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Zoukout 2014

As many would have known, Zoukout had been a tradition in the clubbing scene.

Every year, tens of thousands of clubbers from all around the world gathered together at Sentosa for two nights of dance, music, booze and probably, sex.

Personally, I only started indulging in Zoukout in the recent years and had found it to be pretty unique and attractive in my opinion.

That being said, Zoukout 2014’s tickets were just released on the internet and many of us, started our planning for the details as it was pretty much a routine for us to do so every year.

I had a friend that usually did all these planning and his name was Jack. And while I was in the office, Jack created a Whatsapp group and invited the few of us into it and we started liaising on the details.

I was looking forward to it because every year, Zoukout managed to provide us with a different kind of experience and it was simply mind blowing, considering the fact that it only happens once a year.

After much consideration, we decided to go for all two nights this year as it was really worth it if we bought the tickets under the two day festival pass.

Time flew and before we knew it, we were a week away from the first night.

We organized an outing so that we could go purchase those necessities that were required at Zoukout and halfway through, we started chatting about the girls and women at Zoukout, our past experiences with them, etc.

We even had plans to go our own separate ways if we managed to hook someone up that night, it was fun, even if it was just talking about it.

It was 12 December 2014, which was also the first night of Zoukout 2014.

We were all looking forward to the event and I personally was looking forward to my hotel suite, which I pre-booked in advance in lieu of Zoukout.

Most of my friends would prefer to head home and come another day, but I would prefer to stay there and the suite could also come in handy if the night got interesting.

On the day……

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An Unforgettable Short Time Experience

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An Unforgettable Short Time Experience

Thought I wanted to share my recent experience of bringing a girl out.

This is a very short series, which I have broken up into three parts and hopefully it serves as a guide too for bros who are interested to explore this field of commercial bonk.

Story a bit long, but hope bros enjoy reading!

I was getting bored one night and thought maybe I should go out and see how was the scene like at Brix (The basement club at Hyatt Hotel, Scotts Road.), on a weekday as the last time I went on a weekend I thought the quality of girls were not too shabby.

Upon reaching Brix, I was surprised to see a queue outside at 10 plus. Why would so many people still be partying on a weekday? But the queue moved quickly and I was let in in minutes.

There were a few Ang Mos in front of me refusing to pay the entrance fee, arguing that they went in before, but their drink coupons got torn up when they went out for a while (Such a lousy excuse.), and they somehow did not get the invisible chop to re-enter.

I was also quite surprised that the place was already quite packed with very limited seats left. In fact, all seats left had a ‘Reserved’ card, not sure if they were really reserved by someone or just temporarily reserved for the big spenders. Got my house pour drink from the counter and started my hunt.

The great thing about going to clubs like this is letting your eyes eat ice cream. Basically, your eyes can feast on cleavages every few seconds. And one advice for bros who go, do not be shy at all. Just go around and mingle and chat, be it with male strangers or females. If you feel shy or awkward to interact, you would find it hard to survive in there. Can bring your kakis along too if you are scared that it would get boring. Remember, 90% of the girls here would only initiate a conversation with a Caucasian, so if you aren’t one and keep quiet you would be a great disadvantage. I saw a young and handsome local Chinese guy who was probably there alone and he……

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Hi! Glad to hear various people interested in what I’ve started even if it’s you being a straight or your girlfriends want to see it. Am still thrilled that there are people supporting my blog!

Anyway can find me @anonymoushardon and face won’t be shown as usual and thus the ID.

After a few days of activity on my secret Instagram account, I realized that it’s really difficult for guy to start a “sexy” Instagram or be sexually enticing in photos compared to girls.

For my loyal followers, I hope you guys can help me spread my IG to gain more exposure and leaving feedbAcks on current photos will definitely be a great thing but also give me ideas how to be sexy on Instagram.

But interesting enough, for a place where they ban such R18+ stuff, it just makes you more excited to share your photo on it, and also to be private messaging some of liked-mind people there photos that we can’t post on IG.

Ultimately, it’s a place for me to show off myself, as I’m really an expressive person wanting to be seen and sharing the joy haha! My Instagram will be alike my blog where there may be random appearance of girls that I’m “close” to and may have their sexy body part appearing.

That’s all for now, stay horny and have fun people!

A Short Story

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A Short Story

I had just returned from a long working trip and it had been a long time since I met up with Joey.

We spoke over MSN quite often while I was away and although I didn’t plan on it, I found myself driving towards her place as it was the eve of CNY and her folks had gone to Malaysia, leaving her alone at home.

It was a warm night and I dropped her a sms when I was below her place. She buzzed me in and I went up.

It’s been a while since I came here. I met Joey a few years ago online when I was still in college and what attracted me to her was her bubbly nature, a megawatt smile and little quirks.

We dated a few times, but nothing came of it. The last time I sent her home, I had given her flowers and confessed to her, but she had just come out of a relationship and wasn’t ready to commit.

It was pretty late that night when I sent her back and I remembered she wore a denim skirt and a top that resembled a furry plush towel. We spent a bit of time looking at each other and as I was about to leave, she hugged me and said it was too bad we met at the wrong time.

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips and gently she parted my lips with her tongue. It was sweet, and warm. Our tongues swirled as we were locked in an embrace, battling each other. She nibbled on my tongue, she sucked on it, and I returned the favor.

I roamed her back with my hands and slipped them under her top. She didn’t resist. Her skin was soft. It was supple. It was smooth. Flawlessly smooth, like a baby’s.

As we fought, I slowly reached in front, then she pulled away and smiled. Then she walked away.

There was to be no action that night, or many nights after when we somehow stopped meeting. We still chatted, but somehow we went on with our lives. I graduated, found a job and started traveling a lot for work.

I stood there looking at the distantly familiar surroundings and that lost opportunity years ago. Perhaps tonight, something may happen?

I remembered we……

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