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Charmaine from Uni

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Charmaine from Uni

Her name was Charmaine and we had the same group of friends in University; a mix-and-match of people from one hall, and some girl who knew a couple of guys from his JC CCA, whatever. She definitely wouldn’t be classified as someone I was close to, nor was she the kind of girl who kept me away at arm’s length. The only interactions we had were just the casual ‘Hey, how’s it going’ when too many people went to the toilet or too many people came late and our options for conversation became limited.

Now, I was as horny as any other 22 year old guy in Singapore, but it was easy to see how one could place Charmaine in the realm of the ‘do-not-fuck’ zone. She’s homely, studious, goes to church, and had an air of aloofness about her past schooling and appeared to carry that with her as she sneered at strangers or PRC’s walking down the halls. I mean, she never said it out loud, but the narrowing of her eyes and that slight tilt of her head told us all. Still, as a guy, I must admit that I had allowed my eyes to rove down the smoothness of her thighs more than once.

“We should hang out sometime-”

It must’ve been part of the lyrics to whatever shit was playing on Spotify. I read the question in my Econometrics tutorial again, but there it was again; her faint voice wafted through the chords of a Metallica guitar solo and somehow reached my eardrums.

I removed my earphones.


“You and me, we should hang out sometime.”

I looked to my left; Celine and John had abandoned their seats in the library, presumably to go make out between the VAC and WUX bookshelves; you know, the shelves no one goes to.

My gaze dipped down to her hands, fidgeting with that Stabilo pencil she had chewed to oblivion. Beneath the shitty fluorescent lighting, I could make out her lips trembling.

“You want us to hang out, like, together?”

I looked into her eyes, black irises stained with the tiniest specks of brown, like a teaspoon of Milo in a cup of kopi-o. I had……

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It All Started with a Bump

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It All Started with a Bump

Story submitted by: Mark

This is a Korean inspired story and resemblance is either intentional or coincidence.

Haejin never had a girlfriend. He was not bad looking, but no girl ever took notice of him.

One day he came with a friend who invited him to watch Mcountdown. His friend was a huge fangirl of PD101. She had been supporting the male trainees of the show. Since he had a major crush on her so he just accompanied her to the studio because of her. He didn’t know a thing about these idols.

He listened to several famous songs, but he really couldn’t understand how these fans went crazy about these idols. They were just human beings like us, he thought.

During their visit to the music show he saw many idols, male and female alike. He couldn’t deny that he’s attracted to these pretty female idols. They all looked so hot on their miniskirts and very short shorts.

While walking along with his friend, he accidentally bumped with Pristin leader Im Nayoung. She was rummaging in her bag that time, so when they collided, her possessions flew out of her bag.

Apologetically, he helped her pick up her things. Nayoung was very prim and polite. She’s also apologetic for not looking straight while walking. His friend as well as Eunwoo and Roa helped collect her things. They didn’t last long, Pristin members bade their goodbyes and gratitude as they went in the opposite direction.

During the commotion, without anybody else noticing, Nayoung slipped a piece of paper into his hand. He looked at her, her face impassive and unreadable.

The music show ended and he sent his friend home. Walking along the street, he checked the slip of paper given to him by Nayoung.

“Burn this after saving my number. Let’s meet. Don’t throw in the garbage.” Below this, Nayoung’s phone number was written.

He followed Nayoung’s instruction as written in the paper. Haejin saved her number and burned the paper borrowing someone’s cigarette lighter.

What was she……

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I Didn’t See This Coming

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I Didn’t See This Coming

My name is Sean. I was just a simple corporate employee doing mundane paperwork and attending lots of meetings. Most of my relationships were with younger women until I met Jessie. I wouldn’t actually call this a relationship, because Jessie was married with a six year old son. Jessie was in her late 30s, but kept her figure well (Not the skinny type. A bit fleshy, but still appealing.).

Both Jessie and I worked in the same company. Being employed in a MNC, you don’t get to know everyone. Only after two years, then I got to know of her existence unintentionally during our corporate retreat at a chalet in Changi. Jessie was a member of the organizing committee.

As most of our colleagues were trotting off to happy hour at one of the drinking hole nearby after the retreat, I saw a lone soul looking rather flustered trying to tidy up the area.

Being helpful, I walked over.

Sean: “Need any help?”

Jessie: (Looking up from her squatting position.) “That would be great! But aren’t you going to join the rest for happy hour?”

Sean: “Nah… It is okay… Plenty of chances. Oh yah… My name is Sean, I am from the business planning department. Nice to meet you.”

Jessie: “Hi hi, I am Jessie from HR. Nice to meet you too!”

Sean: (Rolling up my sleeves.) “Okay! Where should I start?”

Both of us managed to get the place tidy up in about an hour or so, I also got to know a little about Jessie. She recently returned to the workforce after her son began primary school. While her husband was doing pretty well to live comfortably, she didn’t want to rot at home.

Sean: “It’s pretty late, I will give you a lift out. Where do you stay?”

Jessie: “It’s okay. I am staying in Boon Lay, will be too troublesome for you. I will grab a cab on my way out.”

Sean: “Not at all, I am staying at Jurong West, can drop you off on my way back. Mai shy, let’s go. Here very difficult to take cab also.”

From that day onwards, the ice broke, small talks if we happened to s……

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Every Rose Has Its Horns

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Every Rose Has Its Horns


Rose was your typical secondary school belle. She had it all. Blessed with good looks and a figure most adolescent teens could only dream about. 1.65m height, full and firm B cup boobs, long shapely legs and a perky butt – all this coupled with the fact that she was on the school netball team, which added tone and definition to her figure, along with a healthy glowing tan. Unlike some of the other netballers on the team, she kept her hair long, which went down to the small of her back. She would’ve liked to have kept it longer, but it proved to be too inconvenient. To top it all off, she was also blessed with the smarts with straight A’s and perfect scores being the norm – she was what you could call a high flying all-rounder.

Being the school belle, she had no lack of available suitors, mostly hormone-raging-lust-filled boys who were doubtlessly spending countless hours jerking off to her image. Unfortunately for them she wasn’t the least bit interested in boys. Maybe she was, but she certainly did not show it outwardly. Some even suspected if she preferred females instead, but the truth was she just didn’t have the time.

Between studies and netball, she just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to waste their time on BGR. What more could one do at sixteen apart from awkward kisses, tentative groping and unskilled hand or blow jobs? At least that’s what it appeared as to her. She had no such needs.

Countless (And constant.), advances from guys plagued her, to the point where she had mastered the art of rejection. Being a friendly sunshine girl who loved socializing – she did not see the need to be a bitch or be outwardly cold just to put off any unwanted attention. Instead, she politely rejected any advances (Which in some cases made it worse.), or friend-zoned any hapless guys who thought they even had a glimmer of a chance.

Secondary school went by without much incident – what was there to go wrong when you had it all? She fi……

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Yvonne Ho the Banker

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Yvonne Ho the Banker

My colleague Yvonne is a specialist supporting me. Usually I would bring her along for my sales appointments.

She looked gorgeous, flamboyant and sexy type. She was about 1.63m tall and very, very fair skin. Long wavy hair in light brown color. Her figure was very monstrous and she will definitely make your head turn when she walked past you.

She loved to wear black and red bra and usually it turned me on every time I asked her something and she will bend down and assist me. I would always make her repeat as I was very distracted by her melons! Trust me, it was one of the best pair I had seen for a local. 😛

I joined the bank earlier than her and she was my junior so my branch manager asked me to guide her on the systems and be friendly to her. I told myself: “Friendly? Of course!” I was in fact very sexcited about her sitting beside me. Our desks were not located in the branch and our seats were very close to each other. That made it really easy for me to ‘see’ and know her better!

She got nice white bunny teeth and I always liked girls with bunny teeth as I think they were cute and the BJ can have more feel.

The first two weeks of orientation was very senior and junior kind. No dirty talks purely about work. By the third week, I got to know her much better. She had a boyfriend of three years and was not very close to her. Meeting up once during the weekend at most. This made the hunter had a better chance.

I started to tease her daily. Telling her how good her figure was and she was the prettiest in the branch. Her sales was not very good and I kept on encouraging her and told her one day she will be the top. Our relationship grew better and better day by day… My lust grew and my mouth drool every time she bent down to pick up her pens or paper. I can see her beautiful, smooth, deliciously big tits hanging there and the fact that I can only see 30% of it made me fantasize and want to explore her more.

As I mentioned,……

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Shut up and Fuck Me

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Shut up and Fuck Me

We’re both smiling. Andrea and I were making our way into the male departmental store… She just finished her running session while I just finished a boring half-day of internship. She wore her cute and revealing black sports attire with black shorts which complimented her slender legs.

It was one thirty in the afternoon on a Tuesday while she pulled me into the men’s department of this deserted Uniqlo store…

“They aren’t going to fit… Ehhh…” I called over my shoulder, referring to the pair of tight jeans I had in my hand while Andrea was about three steps behind.

“They will…! Don’t be a noob… Hehe, did I used the term correctly?” Andrea flirtingly replied, shaking her head and gave me a wink.

I stopped and turned to face her and purposefully bumped into her head. “If you’re so sure, then you should come in and help me try them on.”

Andrea the cutie girlfriend of mine looked up at me and smiled. She quickly glanced around the store. No one was around so she motioned towards the changing rooms, “Lead the way.”

I smiled and headed back into the dressing room. She grabbed hold of my hands and sneakily entered the changing area and I headed to the second stall. I entered and held the door for her as her body brushed past me, which made me kind of aroused.

Andrea gave me a sly smile on her face. I could smell the jasmine hair shampoo from her silky hair while her slender body just gave me a fricking hard on… In my mind, I was thinking of the little fitting room fantasies.

I moved to close the door, but found it won’t close all the way. The door barely fit into the jam. We both looked up at it.

Andrea slammed her left foot against it. “I will keep it closed for you hehe bleah,” she proclaimed as she ordered me. “Try on the jeans, Travis.”

I set the jeans on the small bench and kicked off my shoes as I reached for my belt… The belt I used to SM her during our bed time fun at my place… I paused and looked at Andrea…….

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Body Like This Just Made Me Fricking Aroused

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Body Like This Just Made Me Fricking Aroused

This young sweet looking girl in the black string bikini caught my eye right away. Her slim body, curvy ass alongside her long straight black hair with her white porcelain skin with sand sediments around her sweet ass body stood out to me on the beach.

As the breeze blew her hair, she picked up her camera and started shooting. Her lean body moved with the grace of a ballet dancer. Was she a fricking dancer or what…?

Body like this just made me fricking aroused…

She was so concentrated on the photos she was taking she didn’t notice me slowly raping her in every inch of her by ogling at her flat stomach, slender legs, tight butt, tiny bikini, her petite boobs with her nipples protruding.

“Oi, Triciaaaaaa!” Her friend yelled from her back.

Her friend had her dark brown eyes looking right at me… Looking a bit annoyed and slowly walked towards me.

“Oh, I am sorry…! Please forgive me for being rude.” My cheeks were a little red and I hoped my blushing showed how sincere my apology was. “I couldn’t help but notice your hardware… Uhm, Nikon D750? Nice camera.”

The beautiful girls stopped in their tracks and her friend’s look of annoyance and anger suddenly changed to confusion, bemusement, and maybe even a tiny bit of admiration?

“I was about to come over here and kick your ass for being such a creepy pervy ass dude but your knowledge of cameras has bought you some time,” her friend angrily exclaimed.

“You’ve got two minutes of my attention… Fire away you perv.”

“I am Kevin and again. I am sorry for looking to engross with your camera.” I extended my hand while still ogling at both of their blossoms.

“I am Chloe. Nice to meet you and my friend here is Tricia,” she shook my hand. “You don’t look local…?”

“How could you tell…? I am actually a Singaporean until my parents migrated to Canada.” I asked as I noticed both Tricia and Chloe had fucking amazing bodies…

“You’ve got an accent.” She reciprocated. That was……

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This Was the First Time I Will Be Having a One-Night Stand

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This Was the First Time I Will Be Having a One-Night Stand

Trina is my name, I was a yoga instructor and there were rarely any guys in my class. However, whenever there were guys in my class, they would try to pick me up. They often talked dirty with me, saying how they would like to poke me from the back or how they would want me to play with their dick. I myself was quite turned on by these guys, however, I always refrained myself from turning into a slut.

There came Trevor, a guy with the appropriate muscle properties that I sought with the sweet, charming face and most of all a cute smile. I was not sure why he joined a yoga class, but he was clearly hot as fuck.

“Hi! Trina, I would like to ask you on tips for yoga. Could we meet after class?” Trevor smiled as he grabbed my hand. “Please say yes.”

My face was clearly blushing by just looking him into his eyes. Damn, he looked like he could devour me anytime.

“Er… Yea… Sure!” I reciprocated when I tried to shy away my eyes away from him while my nipples were a little erected.

Fast forwarded to…

“So… About yoga, how do you stretch,” Trevor moved his hand on my thighs. “This part of your body.”

Shit, I looked down at his pants, he was clearly erected. Should I go for it…?

I mean he was hot and definitely looked good in bed. But this was the first time I will be having a one-night stand.

“I mean I could show you in the back at my house.” I forcefully smiled while giving him an awkward face. “I mean I think you deserved it after being so attentive in class.”

The moment I opened my door, I pushed him onto the edge of my corridor, unbuttoned his pants and pulled it down. I looked right onto his bulging boxers as I fondled it while it slowly got bigger.

“Fuck…! Trina… I am taking control over you.” He pushed me on the wall, frenching me and fondled my boobs underneath my yoga strap tee.

I was panting hard, as my breasts were bouncing and squeezed by his gentle hands. “Fuck, you’re too perky.” Trevor shouted. “I just want to……

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No More Bad Blood Between Us

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No More Bad Blood Between Us

Senior-junior relationships in sport CCA almost always ended up being something more. I was a year three art student in my university and had always been in the spotlight being the captain of my badminton CCA. There was just this junior that didn’t really care about my existence at all. Her name was Jasmine a petite looking girl that always gave me a weird stare every time I looked at her.

Plenty of attractive girls were into me, but all I ever thought of was her, Jasmine. I had no idea why, but she stood out to be the girl of my dream. She was the girl that was hard to get, maybe that was why she’s so enticing to me…?

This fine afternoon during the holiday I was walking my dog, Missy, out. I was wearing my Adidas cap while Missy ran as I ran. Freaking ran for a good 4 km and it started raining. Such impeccable timing I would say. I was drenched with my furry friend totally wet.

Here came the part where I got the best luck of my life. Entered Jasmine, my mind just went crazy on what I should do next. First time being so nervous in front of a girl, her hair was soaked and the red tee shirt was totally drenched.

“Hi… Jas, seems like we’re stuck in the rain together.” I smiled as she stood still, looking at my cute little doggy.

“Ha. Hi.” She blatantly replied. “Your dog is cute.”

“I know it might sound weird Jas, why are you so distant from me?” I asked, hoping something could come to light. “Is it something that I did?”

“Ha… I don’t hate you…” She looked at me awkwardly cornered herself on the edge of the shelter.

I had to get an answer by today. I mean this was the only chance… I pinned her down on the corner with her blushed red face and watery eyes looking at me, shit her drenched body and FBT’s made me a little pumped up and kind of feeling guilty I was invading her private space.

“Er… Jeremy… What are you doing…?” She blurted out in shock as she slightly pushed me away.

“Tell me…? I really like you a lot and……

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Forbidden Encounter

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Forbidden Encounter

Jack and I met during our first year in university and we became close friends since then. During the orientation, he was already solidifying his status as the ultimate ladies’ man and sporty JC basketball captain while I was more of the nerdy geek playing NBA on Playstation. Till now, I am still puzzled at how we became good friends given our contrasting characters. Although we had very different interests and goals, we managed to hit it off right from the start. Being the studious guy with good results, I often helped him with school work while he exposed me to a happening social life that really intrigued me. At least the one thing we had in common was admiring pretty girls. There was plenty of attractive girls in the campus that served like ice cream to our eyes, making us yearn to be on campus every day. Without saying, these beautiful young women often seemed to be attracted toward Jack’s looks and personality as he was the smooth talker and handsome dude who can take in any woman with his words and charm. I honestly admired the way he seemed to do all this naturally like bees to honey and I just wished I could be the same. Till then, I was just satisfied to be sticking around him in order to get that tiny bit of attention from those girls.

Years down the road, my dating luck finally took a 360 degree turn for the best during my final year in university. I met an extremely gorgeous girl named Jessica, who was one year our junior. I was introduced to her by Jack, who was obviously interested in her as well and trying to turn on his charm to prey on her from the start. She was like every man’s dream came true. At least she was my sweetest wet dream, pretty and angelic looking face with a devilish hot body, a mixture of beautiful, sexy and sweet. The perfect girlfriend / wife material. Jessica had that perfect height for a lady, with black silky long hair that flowed over her shoulders and the brightest enchanting eyes I had ever seen. Her lips were……

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